Where do I put it all?

Most people have some storage issue. You could have no storage at all. When this is the case, Sharon at the HOS Systems has solutions that you may not have considered. Concerned about expense? Some solutions don’t cost anything at all!

However, most people have insufficient storage or inconvenient storage. With a traied eye and 15 years of experience, HOS Systems can help you reorganize your items so that everything fits, and is in a location that makes sense to you. We have both video options and in home options to help overcome this storage dilemna.

Sometimes, though, the storage issue is one of attractiveness. When it is hard to look at your space because you don’t like what you see, it makes you feel angry and gypped. You feel like a hostage in your own home. At HOS Systems we understand your feelings. We have been there, done that, and found some very nice solutions we would be happy to share with you.

Call Sharon today to learn more. At the HOS Systems we are here for your organizing success!

Are you regretting your blessings?

One day I went grocery shopping. I was pleased to be greeted with a very large half price sale. It seemed that everything I needed was on sale. I thought this was my lucky day! But then I stopped for a moment because I remembered that I only had a fixed amount of money to spend. I had put myself on a budget. Remembering this promise to myself, I realized that I had used up most of my budget taking advantage of the half price sale. It was disappointing when I had to put back the sale items in order to get some of the items I came for-like milk. From this experiece, I have put together some questions I now ask myself before I put something in my shopping cart.

  1. What do I really need at this time?
  2. How much money do I have to spend?
  3. Is there a sale?
  4. How will this sale effect my buying?
  5. Can I take advantage of the sale?
  6. Should I take advantage of the sale?

I have found that I get excited when I happen upon a sale. I call this event an “accidental sale”. I love accidental sales! It makes me feel blessed. But if I am not careful, that wonderful opportunity, my blessing, is plagued by regret. With careful planning, and thinking through what goes in my shopping cart, I can have the best of both worlds- I can utilize the savings the retailer offers, and I can stay on track with my spending. This strategy has helped me to curtail my regret. In fact it has eliminated it! So now I recommend thinking through your purchases and not acting on impulse. This should help you also to realize your blessings and eliminate your regret.

For more shopping tips, contact Sharon at The HOS Systems. I can teach you some of the strategies I have used for staying in budget. I can help organize you for success!

What is “downsizing”?

Downsizing is a process of weeding out the old, unused stuff taking up all of your space. This process can be easy or difficult. It is easy when the items are clearly not useful anymore. For instance, when the kids were little, you put up a gate in the doorway so that they could be confined to one area. This was usuallly done for safety reasons. However, kids grow up and now that they are old enough, it is not really necessary to hang onto that gate anymore. Common sense tells us to let the gate go. This will free up your space. Not only that, but because the gate is still in good condition, it may be useful to someone else. So consider donating the gate to someone in need or selling it at a local thrift store specializing in kids stuff. It will make you feel good about helping someone who currently has the same problem you experienced.

Sometimes, though, the process can be difficult. The items make us remember the past, so that getting rid of the item can feel like betrayal. These feelings of betrayal come with their own baggage of emotions. They cause negative emotions such as saddness, anger, and guilt. But they also cause positive emotions such as joy and peace. Pay attention to these emotions. I am Christian, so that when these negative emotions come, I tell the Lord about them. I ask Him to take care of them and to make the seperation process easier. I thank Him for listening to me and giving me peace about the past experience associated with the item. Then I get rid of the item. I usually throw away the stuff that causes the negative emotions. I don’t want to remember them anymore, and I don’t want to pass on my bad experiences to anyone else.

But not all items carry a bag of negative emotions. For instance, when handling old Christmas music books, I can still remember the joy of the whole family joining in songs celebrating the season. I want others to have the same joy I felt. So in this instance, I want to release the music to those who would like what I enjoyed. I first look to family, then to friends and neighbors. For me it is an added bonus if I can make a little money getting rid of the items with positive emotions attached. So I plan for a garage sale, combining other items that may bring joy to others.

So this is downsizing. It is letting go of the items that are taking up space in your house, garage, basement, or storage area. Downsizing can be daunting. It comes with emotions, both good and bad. Allowing the past to remain in the past brings peace of mind. Passing on the joy of our old stuff brings a sense of relief because you have shared with others what you treasured. God looks favorably on all acts of kindness.

If you are having trouble parting with the past, call Sharon. I do understand because I have been through this same process. I will go with you on the path leading to freedom and peace of mind.

Thinking about selling leftover stuff on-line?

If you are considering selling on-line, there are both pros and cons to the process. Thinking these through carefully will give you a decision that you will feel good about. Understanding that there are alternatives for handling your items leftover after cleaning out your space, will help you make an informed decision. It is very smart to think of all the avenues for getting rid of the clutter in your home, including donating stuff you don’t want anymore, or just throwing it away. Planning correctly will leave you with a sense of peace and calm. You will feel good about your decision.

First, lets look at the good parts of selling on-line. The good part is that you make money on the stuff you have decided to let go of! Isn’t it wonderful that somewhere in the world there is someone willing to take that used tee shirt off your hands for five bucks. The internet can make the world seem like a huge garage sale! This would be the second good part. The second good part is that theoretically your customer base is larger. But beware, this isn’t always the case. The internet is divided up into websites. If you post your tee shirt on a website, you are limited to the people who search for that specific website selling five dollar tee shirts just like yours. The internet is organized and not a seller’s humongus garage sale!

Furthermore, another draw back of selling on-line is that it costs money to make money. Hopefully, when you are finished with the sale, you will still have money leftover after you pay all your bills. This would be ideal and something to think about seriously.

Moreover, another problem with selling on-line is that a larger audience means, as a seller, you must be better educated in selling legally anywhere in the world. This means that you can sell legally no matter where in the whole world your customer resides. This can be a little daunting in my book. The laws for selling are not the same in all the countries around the world. This means that you will have to learn how to sell legally in any country outside the United States. So even though you have a larger audience, it may not be worth your while to tangle with foreign customers. It is not because you don’t care about the people or because you don’t like foreigners; but rather it is because the educational process will convince that you need a PHd in international trade law! Hiring an attorney might be an option, but it gets a little pricey for a tee shirt you want to sell for five bucks! In other words, the reality is that your customer base is actually very limited out of necessity and not for any other reason.

Let’s go back and take a closer look at the websites that sell used five dollar tee shirts just like yours. Some of them have the means to hire the legal professionals necessary to sell anywhere in the world. But help like that doesn’t come without a price tag. Therefore, it is necessary for the website owner to pass on the cost of the hired help. This may make the cost of selling your five dollar tee shirt go up. It may even be that your five dollar tee shirt will cost you ten dollars to sell. This would be a tragedy for me because the whole purpose of selling is to make money.

Another thing to think about is whether there will be enough interested customers traveilling to the website that your tee shirt will get alot of exposure and thereby sell quickly. The websites I have visited made me hold onto the product until it sold. Initially I got alot of interest in the stuff I tried to sell. But the longer the item was listed, the less interest I generated in the merchandise. It would defeat the purpose of reducing clutter if you hung onto your tee shirt for another year. You have already made the investment in time, effort, and money to declutter your space, so it doesn’t make too much sense to keep dragging the process out for an undefined amount of time. I haven’t seen a website yet that will guarantee your tee shirt will sell in an hour or less! So it may be best to consider off-line selling avenues; or to try selling for a limited time on-line, a limited time off-line, and then donating the unsold item, or throwing it away. Good planning is key to living with your decision without regrets.

In conclusion, selling on-line can be beneficial. It can put money into your pocket for items that are sold. But be careful, as selling on-line can also have disadvantages. The learning curve is very steep and hard to master. There may be unexpected expenses that eat away at the amount of money that goes into your pocket. There may be unforeseen delays in selling the merchandise. These are the same issues that are faced off-line, but because the customer base seems to be so much bigger, when selling on-line it might seem like you can overcome the same obstacles on-line that you face off-line. Just be sure to set clear time limits for your items to sell whether you sell them on-line or off-line. If they don’t sell, consider donating the item or throwing it away. Good planning is the key to success.

This article is written by Sharon at The HOS Systems. 2020. All rights reserved.

Where to start?

I hear customers ask: “I know I need to get organized, but I don’t know where to start. Where do I start?” If this sounds like you, read on….

What should I organize?

  • Start with the messiest or most annoying area first.
  • Be quick with your decision.
  • Overwhelmed? Can’t figure which one is the worst? Call Sharon.

It is easy to get lost in the process of cleaning up. Remember that it took time to make the mess, it will take time to make it go away. You will have to make many decisions quickly. Once a decision is made, consider the decision a “done deal”. This will help you keep moving forward.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • What is the purpose of the space?
  • What in the space is working for the purpose?
  • What in the space is working against the purpose?
  • Confused? Overwhelmed? Call Sharon

It is quite common for a space to have multiple purposes. For instance, if you only have one bedroom, it may be necessary to make it both a bedroom and an office. But doing so can be tricky. If done haphazardly, the result could be a bigger mess. There are many details to think about. An organizer can help you look at the space correctly. Sharon’s expertise will give you an edge on creating zones that are both efficient and pleasing.