Where do I put it all?

Most people have some storage issue. You could have no storage at all. When this is the case, Sharon at the HOS Systems has solutions that you may not have considered. Concerned about expense? Some solutions don’t cost anything at all! However, most people have insufficient storage or inconvenient storage. With a traied eye andContinue reading “Where do I put it all?”

Are you regretting your blessings?

One day I went grocery shopping. I was pleased to be greeted with a very large half price sale. It seemed that everything I needed was on sale. I thought this was my lucky day! But then I stopped for a moment because I remembered that I only had a fixed amount of money toContinue reading “Are you regretting your blessings?”

Thinking about selling leftover stuff on-line?

If you are considering selling on-line, there are both pros and cons to the process. Thinking these through carefully will give you a decision that you will feel good about. Understanding that there are alternatives for handling your items leftover after cleaning out your space, will help you make an informed decision. It is veryContinue reading “Thinking about selling leftover stuff on-line?”