Why toys at Christmas?

An examination of the Christmas Holiday. These ideas are only my opinion.  They are not based on anything other than what I have noticed.  I was born and raised in the Christian Tradition.  This will influence what I observed.  Why toys at Christmas?  On the surface, it looks like a conspiracy by the retailers toContinue reading “Why toys at Christmas?”

Messy kitchen? We can help.

Help!  I can’t make my pans fit! Recently, I visited the home of a wonderful customer who complained about being unable to put her pots and pans in her cupboard.  Anna had priced out remodeling her kitchen to accommodate her cookware, but the price was out of her reach.  So she called HOS Systems toContinue reading “Messy kitchen? We can help.”

Ready for a party?

With the Christmas Season fast approaching, I got a request for a party preparation checklist. Here is my response to that request: Party Planning Check List Post in Central Home Area Remember: Parties are fun, keep it that way! Budget Assign a day to this task  Assign people to task if help is available…remember toContinue reading “Ready for a party?”

Spinning Your Wheels?

10 Time Saving Tips Put items where you use them as much as possible.  For instance, store the iron with ironing board. Have a calendar to keep track of events and appointments. Keep the calendar by the phone if you usually call to make appointments. On Sunday, make a list of important events happening everyContinue reading “Spinning Your Wheels?”

My groceries are how much?!

10 Budget Friendly Grocery Shopping Tips Only spend what you have.  That means use cash when you go to the grocery store.  This helps prevent overspending.  This is my favorite idea to remember when I shop, “It is not what you don’t have that matters, it is what you do have that makes the difference.”Continue reading “My groceries are how much?!”

Help! I can’t find my toothbrush!

Even what seems impossible is possible. Success is just around the corner, keep reading to learn more… Gary had always been a neat person, but recently something had changed.  He got married to Samantha two years ago.  A while later Natalie was born.  Now things are quite different.  He loves his wife and his one-yearContinue reading “Help! I can’t find my toothbrush!”

What to Expect From a Home Organizer…

Geri was beside herself.  She had hurried home to get the laundry put away before company came.  Her mother had disapproved of the conditions at the home on previous visits.  Geri worried that perhaps this guest would do that also.  But there seemed to be no space in her home to put her belongings away. Continue reading “What to Expect From a Home Organizer…”

What is right sizing?

The HOS Systems defines right sizing as eliminating excessive items. That is, instead of having 10 cans of green beans, could it be that only 4 would do? Perhaps the other 6 could be donated. Or are they expired? Going through your stuff can be daunting. But avoiding the spacial limitaions can be disastorous! WeContinue reading “What is right sizing?”