Why toys at Christmas?

An examination of the Christmas Holiday.

These ideas are only my opinion.  They are not based on anything other than what I have noticed.  I was born and raised in the Christian Tradition.  This will influence what I observed. 

Why toys at Christmas?  On the surface, it looks like a conspiracy by the retailers to get people everywhere to spend their hard-earned cash.  But I believe it goes beyond the retailer.  I believe that it starts with the Reason for the Season.  Christmas celebrates a baby being born.  This baby is named Jesus.  His parents were very devout followers of Almighty God.  They were also very poor.  They relied on God’s Power, Mercy, Grace, and Abundance to get them through whatever they were going through.  This is a lesson for us too.  Money is not the Reason for the Season.  Jesus is the Reason for the Season.  Christians believe that this Baby Jesus was no ordinary baby.  At Christmas we celebrate the uniqueness of Baby Jesus by celebrating the uniqueness of each child born.  Jesus was an example for us.  He was an example that we can follow and put into practice in our own lives.  As an example, Jesus’ birth teaches us that there are no ordinary children being born. As an example for us, Jesus’ birth teaches us that each child has a purpose to fulfill in this life.  From the acknowledgement of the example set by Jesus and the Christmas Story,  we celebrate by giving gifts to each other because we are all Children of the Most High God.  Also, as an example, Jesus’ birth teaches us that we must all give an accounting for our thoughts, words, and actions to Almighty God both today and forever.  Almighty God is watching us.  Almighty God is present. Almighty God is listening.  He hears and sees what ordinary people cannot hear and see.   God knew that Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ earthly parents, were extremely poor.  He knew that they suffered much to bring Baby Jesus into the world.  He rewarded them for their sacrifice.  He sent three kings bearing gifts for the Baby Jesus.  Jesus was too young to benefit from the gifts given, so we could believe that the gifts were actually given to the parents.  Toys are that way.  Giving toys to children educates and occupies the child and so they are actually gifts to the parents, especially when the child is a baby.   We celebrate Life and the living at Christmas. At Christmas we celebrate Life and living with each other.  And as Christians at Christmas, we strive to share with each other the Gift of Life that has been shared with us. No, there is no retailers conspiracy here, only a great Blessing from The Most High God to all of us.  The Most High God loves us.

This was written by Sharon at the HOS Systems.  November 2020.