Messy kitchen? We can help.

Help!  I can’t make my pans fit!

Recently, I visited the home of a wonderful customer who complained about being unable to put her pots and pans in her cupboard.  Anna had priced out remodeling her kitchen to accommodate her cookware, but the price was out of her reach.  So she called HOS Systems to get some help putting her cookware away.

When I arrived, I noticed many different kinds of pans.  So I asked Anna about her pan collection.  She stated that she had moved a couple times over the years.  When she moved, sometimes the pans she had didn’t match the cooking equipment available in the residence.  For instance, in one place Anna had to purchase new pots and pans because she had an induction range.  Another place had a glass stovetop.  But here was the old-fashioned coil electric stovetop and electric oven.  Not only that, but this new home was smaller than her other houses. She needed to get rid of some of the cookware because there wasn’t space for it all.   We investigated websites featuring cookware to determine which pans to keep and which to let go.  According to the research, we kept the stainless steel cookware and the glass or ceramic bakeware.  The rest of the items we donated to other family members.  Two of the pans had to be thrown out because they were no longer useful.  They were both coated on the interior surface, and the coating was peeling off.  We thought about where the missing coating went.  I suggeted it was probably rinsed down the drain because the cleaning method was too rigorous.  But still Anna was concerned that the coating may have been ingested, so we threw out the damaged pots.  This significantly reduced the number of pots and pans stored.

The next step we worked on was putting the remaining cookware into the cupboards.  It seems obvious that cookware should be stacked.  But stacking it can damage it.  So, we used a wire pan and lid holder.  We set it vertically instead of horizontally.  Then we put one pan on each “shelf”.  This made the pans easier to get out and to put away.  Her space in the cupboard was extremely limited, so we used bungee cords connected to sticky hooks to keep the lids on the doors.  We measured carefully ensure the door would close.  One sticky hook was used to hold the lid on the bottom, so it stayed in place.  This made three sticky hooks in the shape of a “V” to hold each of the lids.  After one hour, the pots and pans were able to be kept neatly in the cupboard.  Feeling empowered, Anna wanted to schedule another hour for us to work on another area.  We scheduled it for the following Friday.

If there is an issue in your kitchen that you can’t seem to resolve, Sharon at the HOS Systems is here to help.  Available to customers in Greenville, Travelers Rest, and Taylors, South Carolina, Sharon can be contacted by calling (864)448-8224 Tuesday through Saturday 9am-6pm EST or emailing her at