Spinning Your Wheels?

10 Time Saving Tips

  1. Put items where you use them as much as possible.  For instance, store the iron with ironing board.
  2. Have a calendar to keep track of events and appointments. Keep the calendar by the phone if you usually call to make appointments.
  3. On Sunday, make a list of important events happening every day that week only on your phone. 
  4. Assign a task to do every day.  For instance, Wednesday is always laundry day and vacuuming day. 
  5. When finished using something, put it away in its’ home immediately…not later.
  6. When cleaning, clean one area completely, then move onto the next area. 
  7. Organize activities in a connecting loop.  This is especially important when dropping kids off at practice and having to go to the grocery store and dry cleaners.
  8. Utilize curbside shopping.
  9. Don’t use the drive thru for meals.  Make meals all at once one day a week, then grab and go.  For instance, on Sunday, make a pan of lasagna.  Repack in microwavable plastic or glass containers.  Grab and go for lunches. Prepack snacks for on the go eating and drinking. 
  10. Get ready for the next day the night before. Organize outfits.  Put bookbags by the door.  Make lunches and put in refrigerator until ready to leave.

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