Help! I can’t find my toothbrush!

Even what seems impossible is possible. Success is just around the corner, keep reading to learn more…

Gary had always been a neat person, but recently something had changed.  He got married to Samantha two years ago.  A while later Natalie was born.  Now things are quite different.  He loves his wife and his one-year old daughter, but in the morning, he struggles to keep his cool when his toothbrush goes missing just as he is getting ready for work.  Out of frustration, he yelled at Samantha one morning to “Do something about this mess!”   That was when Samantha called The HOS Systems.

When Sharon met with Samantha, Gary was at work.  She listened patiently to Samantha, asking her questions as they went through the house.  The assessment phase took 30 minutes.  At that time, Sharon noted what areas seemed to be the most troublesome.  She told Samantha that she would bring the boxes, bags, some helpful containers she had found, to the next visit on the following Friday morning.  Samantha was encouraged to have the baby stay with relatives for the day.  She also encouraged her to have Gary be there since this would be his day off. 

Gary and Samantha were both very cooperative.  Sharon brought the items as promised.  Both the husband and wife agreed that the master bedroom with the adjoining bathroom was the worst spot, so Sharon started there.

She removed all of Samantha’s clothing from the closet and put them on the bed.  They were sorted into throw away, keep, or give away.  After 2 hours of sorting, the clothes that were to be thrown away were taken to the garbage.  The clothes that were to be given away were put in the trunk of Gary’s car.  The clothes that were kept were put back into the closet using a new strategy of organizing them that proved extremely helpful.  It made Samantha’s morning routine much easier.  Next they worked on Gary’s clothes going through the same procedure they had with Samantha’s clothes.  When they finished the closet, it was time for Sharon to leave.  But she gave them a homework assignment.  If they completed it, then next Friday would go very quickly and smoothly.  However, if it was missed for whatever reason, Sharon would be there the following Friday to get them both back on track.

After 4 Fridays, the couple had a newly organized home.  Gary was thrilled to be able to find everything all the time, even with a curious little one.  Samantha was easily able to follow the new routine that she had learned.  She stated, “It was like my house was customized for me!”  As a follow up, Sharon scheduled a visit in 4 weeks to see how things were going.  If they needed her sooner, she was available…just call.  After the 4-week visit, then she would help once every six months to keep the couple on track.  Gary said, “It was helpful to know that someone would be there that you could count on when you needed them.  Life changed quickly, but Sharon helped us master the learning curve for our new lifestyle.  Thanks Sharon.” 

 This is a typical couple for The HOS Systems.  Though the situation may be different, Sharon will bring her home organizing skills with her, then she will support you through the new routine.  Contact The HOS Systems today to schedule your home organizing event.  “I look forward to serving you,” says Sharon.

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