What to Expect From a Home Organizer…

Geri was beside herself.  She had hurried home to get the laundry put away before company came.  Her mother had disapproved of the conditions at the home on previous visits.  Geri worried that perhaps this guest would do that also.  But there seemed to be no space in her home to put her belongings away.  She was reminded of this as she sought to put the clean clothes away- but they just wouldn’t fit.  When she put them in the drawers, the drawers wouldn’t close.  When she put them on the hangers in the closet, they were so tightly packed that some clothing tumbled off the hangers to the floor when she tried to add the clean garments.  It was quite a battle!  “Perhaps if I just close the door to the bedroom”  she thought as she felt herself blush. “Then again, what if….”

Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of the doorbell.  Her stomach knotted as she quickly ran her fingers through her hair to straighten it.  Perhaps they wouldn’t notice. Stephanie’s voice greeted her with warmth as Geri opened the door to the apartment.  Before she could stop herself, Geri heard herself apologizing for the condition of her humble abode.  However, Stephanie, a seasoned organizer that Geri had hired to help her with the mess, said that no apologies were necessary because the condition of the place was only a temporary situation.  “Besides,” she added, “your willingness to work with me will help to not only declutter and organize, but it will also be an anchor for keeping it that way.  If you are cooperative with me, we can make an awesome team!  Teamwork is the key.  Where would you like to start?”

Hiring an organizer is a greatly beneficial decision.  Organizers come complete with a skill set including an eye for detail; a systematic approach to solving problems; an arsenal of resources; and training that most often comes from personal experiences either professionally or outside the workplace.  Most organizers have “Been there, done that.”  They draw on their past experiences and training to propel you forward to a more peaceful and relaxed existence. 

At The HOS Systems, we are no different.  Sharon will bring to your home a set of skills that when coupled with your cooperation, will organize you for success.  Whether success is getting all the laundry put away, or the kids off to school on time, the peace that comes from knowing that your willingness to learn new strategies- has empowered you to move forward with calm, courage, and confidence- will be a much cherished reward. The HOS Systems invites you to contact us and let us know how we can best serve you.