What is right sizing?

The HOS Systems defines right sizing as eliminating excessive items. That is, instead of having 10 cans of green beans, could it be that only 4 would do? Perhaps the other 6 could be donated. Or are they expired? Going through your stuff can be daunting. But avoiding the spacial limitaions can be disastorous! We understand and we are here for you. Just give us a call.

“So which items am I to watch for? Are there any certain ones I need to watch out for?”, I hear you asking. The answer is that the excessive items could be anything. They could be food, clothing, paper goods, cleaning supplies, toys, or any small items in your home that you think you might need later. This excessive accumulation leads to frustration because of the lack of space.

So if it causes so much frustration, then why do people get so much stuff? The main reason I hear is that they forgot that they had the other items on hand and bought more. But other reasons are because sometimes we humans behave impulsively. We don’t think before we act. Right sizing requires people to think before they act But the third reason for excessive stuff is an inablity to say no. No I don’t want…..No I don’t need….No keeps it from coming in the house.

So how do you keep this from happening? It will depend on why you have accumulated so many items. If it because of forgetfullness, a shopping list might just do the trick. But before you make the list, go through your posessions and see what you already have on hand. Make your list based on what you actually need to purchase. When you do make a purchase, purchase based on your present day situation, not what you might need in the future. Practice saying “No I don’t need…right now”

However, if you are facing a right sizing situation because of impulsive behaviors, you might want to stop yourself before you say- buy that new shirt. Be honest with yourself about whether you really need a new shirt. No matter what the item, if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Reserve your cash for times when there isn’t enough there. Put the extra money to better use. Or help someone in need. Right now there are many natural disasters like hurricaines, illness, and fires. So check around and see if maybe the American Red Cross, for instance, might need some of your extra cash. While you are at it, what about setting up a regular donation schedule to a reputable charity. This way you spend your extra money, you help others, and you please God. Or how about a regular donation to a savings account?

If you are still having trouble with right sizing, HOS Systems is here to help. Our experience has taught us that there are many reasons that people need to right size. By learning new behaviors you can curtail your spending, but it is not always easy to do it by yourself. If you struggle with this, we are here for you. Give us a call. It will be wonderful to easily put things away in your home again!