Are you regretting your blessings?

One day I went grocery shopping. I was pleased to be greeted with a very large half price sale. It seemed that everything I needed was on sale. I thought this was my lucky day! But then I stopped for a moment because I remembered that I only had a fixed amount of money to spend. I had put myself on a budget. Remembering this promise to myself, I realized that I had used up most of my budget taking advantage of the half price sale. It was disappointing when I had to put back the sale items in order to get some of the items I came for-like milk. From this experiece, I have put together some questions I now ask myself before I put something in my shopping cart.

  1. What do I really need at this time?
  2. How much money do I have to spend?
  3. Is there a sale?
  4. How will this sale effect my buying?
  5. Can I take advantage of the sale?
  6. Should I take advantage of the sale?

I have found that I get excited when I happen upon a sale. I call this event an “accidental sale”. I love accidental sales! It makes me feel blessed. But if I am not careful, that wonderful opportunity, my blessing, is plagued by regret. With careful planning, and thinking through what goes in my shopping cart, I can have the best of both worlds- I can utilize the savings the retailer offers, and I can stay on track with my spending. This strategy has helped me to curtail my regret. In fact it has eliminated it! So now I recommend thinking through your purchases and not acting on impulse. This should help you also to realize your blessings and eliminate your regret.

For more shopping tips, contact Sharon at The HOS Systems. I can teach you some of the strategies I have used for staying in budget. I can help organize you for success!